Vultures Row: 1836


1836 is the year Texas won its independence from Mexico.  Some people today will tell you that the Revolution was about America trying to steal the territory from Mexico.  

This is false.

Mexico had some very valid concerns about the influx of American and European settlers, some just crossing the border with no regards to immigration laws, but most did followed the law, including converting to Catholicism, denouncing America and paying taxes to Mexico.

And for all their trouble they were treated as third class citizens.  They had no representation in the government.  Stephen F. Austin went to Mexico in 1833 to petition the Mexican government for statehood.  The Texans just wanted to be an official part of country, unlike the protestors today.  Mr. Austin was arrested for his troubles and held with out being charged nor tried until 1835.  A scant month after Austin’s release, Santa Ana sends troops to remove defensive armaments (for protection against marauding Indians) from the Texas territory.1836 was a year that Texas had enough of not having rights and took a stand, they year they stood up and accomplished their goal.  

Recently the Houston soccer team had to change its admittedly lame name from 1836 to the Dynamo.  The reason was because Mexican locals protested the name 1836 and said it was offensive because Texas was stolen from them that year.

We should not run away from 1836 but embrace it as a rally cry for standing up to protecting our boarders, for standing up for OUR rights and OUR country.



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