Vultures Row: Who Says an Old Dog Can't Learn?

Who Says an Old Dog Can't Learn?

Sen. Edward Kennedy Helps Rescue Fishermen

The Associated Press
Monday, October 17, 2005; 2:24 AM

“HYANNIS, Mass. -- U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy attempted to rescue six men who had become trapped by high tide on a jetty off Hyannisport on Sunday.

The Massachusetts Democrat eventually left the rescue to Hyannis firefighters, The Cape Cod Times reported Monday.

Kennedy was walking his two dogs on the shore at 11:15 a.m. when he spotted the men cut off from shore by the rising waters. They had been fishing on a jetty that begins at the tip of the Kennedy compound.

Tides had risen over the patchy rocks, which made it difficult to walk back to shore.

Kennedy and a friend tried to rescue the men using a 13-foot boat but rough waters forced them back.

A crew from the Hyannis Fire Department picked them up. The men, in their 20s, were not identified. They were brought to Cape Cod Hospital with mild hypothermia.”

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