Vultures Row: Juan Williams Calls for Death of ALL Jews

Juan Williams Calls for Death of ALL Jews

The Disabled, Christians, Jews, the Elderly and White people should all be killed according to Juan Williams.

On Fox News Sunday, Juan Williams made the following statements:

…maybe we should have abortions for every woman who has a history in her family of mental illness or anybody who has a disabled child, or let's get rid of all the Christians, they certainly have been involved in lots of wars.  How about the Jews? You know what?  We have trouble with older people in this country. Clearly, they, you know, cause a great burden on our Social Security system. Maybe we should do away with some of these older people.  

…maybe if we killed off these white people, we wouldn't have so many mass murders in America…

Where is the outrage over his comments, where is the indignation over what he said?


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