Vultures Row: Shelter in Place

Shelter in Place

11:35 Friday
Vulture Manor is as ready as we can make it. We have moved all of the flyables out of the yard and stowed all of our yard furniture in the garage. The Hank Hill propane grill has also been secured in the garage. The mirrors and pictures are off of the walls and wrapped up in towels. We would like to have a generator here, but we do not have that much cash on hand even we could find one. The same goes for plywood for the windows. In one subdivision we have seen several homes using corrugated aluminum to cover the windows.

We have provisions for two weeks if we ration strictly. Vic from Darth Apathy has decided to ride the storm out at the Vulture Nest instead of his Bayou view apartment. We always knew Vic had some smarts. We also have enough water. Unlike others here in spring, we do have a wonderful source of water to fill the toilet tanks. We have dropped the water level in the pool about two feet, but there is still plenty to use for the tanks so we do not have to fill bath tubs or dip into our drinking water. We have also frozen water in 2 liter soda bottles and one gallon buckets when the ice melts we will have that water also.

The fire arms are locked and loaded and in the racks, though we seriously doubt we will need them, though we would rather have them and not need them than need them and not have them.

Wednesday we noticed that there was no wind. Not a single leaf was moving, flags hung limp against the staffs. Thursday afternoon we started getting a slight breeze. Right now we are getting a steady wind with some respectful gusts.

Vulture Manor is in Spring, Texas North of Houston. We are about 70 miles from the cost.

We do not know what the MSM is reporting about what is going on, as we are watching local coverage on “Local 2” our NBC station. You can stream their video at The local station is reporting an all local aspects. One of the things happening that should be getting more attention is that people not in the evac areas are going to the intersections near gas stations to hand out ice water to the people waiting. We have had some 2.5 million people leave the Houston area. This is a large city, larger that San Francisco, San Diego, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston, Miami, Washington DC, Seattle and Las Vegas without counting all of the people that live in the rest of Harris county and the other areas surrounding the city. I know that the traffic is bad but it could have been much worse if those people could not have gotten out of the low lying areas.

We just heard thunder for the first time today.


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