Vultures Row: The Day After

The Day After

We were just awoken by a phone call from vulture 6’s Brother. They lost power as they watched 7 on ground transformers explode one after the other. We never lost power, though at 3:30 AM it blinked on and off seven or eight times. We had the APC battery backup on the TV and satellite receiver. So we did not loose the TV News when it blinked.

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A walk around this morning of Vultures Nest reveals that the pool filter is clogged with leaves, the front yard needs to be raked and that there has been no damage that we can detect. We are still getting tropical force winds and a light rain and we are still under a hurricane/tornado watch.

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Dish Network RULES
On a side note, those Time Warner commercials where they tell you cable is so much better than satellite because the least little rain and you loose signal, they are false. Vulture’s brother has TW cable/phone/roadrunner/security. Vulture’s Nest is equipped with SBC Dish/phone/DSL and we have not lost connectivity once while Vulture’s brother is in the dark, with no phone (other than cell) no TV and no internet so even though they have a generator they have no connection.


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