Vultures Row: China Blue (Water)

China Blue (Water)

China has taken yet more steps to build a real blue water navy. With this new capability it brings them closer to their goal of unification at any cost.

Chinese Commission New Class of Warships
Sep 27 8:45 AM US/Eastern

China's navy has commissioned the first in a new class of domestically designed and built warships, official media reported Tuesday.

The missile frigate Wenzhou, named after a port city in eastern China, entered service Monday at a ceremony attended by East China Fleet commander Zhao Guojun, according to a brief report on the official Wenzhou Newsnet.

The report gave no other details about the ship, but Western military experts have described it as the first in the 054 Ma'anshan class, representing China's most advanced missile frigates.

Along with superior electronics, anti-submarine capabilities and air defenses, the ships boast sloped, covered sides and a special exterior paint intended to make it more difficult to spot by radar, according to the reports.

The ships are designed to operate far out at sea, part of the People's Liberation Army's development of a "blue water" navy intended to assert Chinese claims to Taiwan and other territories and protect sea lanes transporting vital natural resources.

People are demanding answers for how we ignored the warning signs of the September 11, 2001 attacks while they ignore signs of a pending crisis. It is much easier to look at something that happened than to pay attention to what is happening. The barn door and all...


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