Vultures Row: Brought to you by the letter H

Brought to you by the letter H

Ok. We have figured it out.

Bush is evil.  He is responsible for the tens of thousands of deaths in Louisiana and now the thousands in Texas and he did it all so his oil buddies could get rich.

Hurricane begins with the letter H
Halliburton begins with the letter H
Hate begins with the letter H
George H. W. Bush has two letter H’s in his name
George W. Bush has one H in his name
Dick Chaney has… worked for Halliburton
New Orleans has an 80% black population and there is no H in black people
Rich White People has two letter H’s

As you can see we have clearly illustrated the connection between oil profits and Bush and how he used hurricanes to control FEMA to award no-bid contracts to Halliburton so Dick Cheney could make more money.  This proves the Bush doesn’t care about black people and only wants to make money for rich white men.  


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