Vultures Row: Pot, this is the Kettle, you are Black

Pot, this is the Kettle, you are Black

Charges of Animal cruelty against two PETA employees

It seems PETA (People for the ETHICAL Treatment of Animals) has been telling vets, shelters and the people of North Carolina that they would take cats and dogs off of their hands and adopt them out. I applaud this theory. I have rescued several cats from shelters and will most likely continue to support no kill shelters. However, PETA took the animals, including what Dr. Patrick Proctor of the Ahoskie Animal Hospital described as "A female cat and her two very adoptable kittens" and killed them then dumped their bodies in a strip centers dumpster.

Police had been alerted after animal bodies had been dropped off every Wednesday for a month. They staked out the trash bin and arrested the two PE(thical)TA members after they tossed in 18 caracases. A police search of the PETA van turned up 13 more furry bodies.

Ok, I know the need to control animal population and that the hard cold facts are that it is economically infeasible to take care of all strays. I think PETA is providing a service by killing the animals, but is it really ETHICAL to LIE to the places that they are getting the animals from? It is one more example of the hypocrisy of this group that constantly places animals on the same level as humans. PETA claims that animals should be afforded the same rights as humans, then they practice "euthanasia" for population control. Is it a stretch to think that they think that should happen to humans also?



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