Vultures Row: Michel Jackson, Not Guilty

Michel Jackson, Not Guilty

We all know he was not guilty and there is an out cry from most sane people that this is a miscarriage of justice. I disagree. We were not privy to all of the facts, testimony and witnesses that those 12 people sat through for four months.

Jackson was tried on these charges and these charges alone. The prosecution presented a week case and paid the price for it. Jackson was found not guilty. The jury felt that the evidence did not support the theory that the DA presented.

Does Not Guilty mean innocent? I do not think that is always the case. I think that given the very high recidivism rate amongst predators, I believe Jackson will continue to abuse children.

Why do I think he is a predator? YOU DO NOT PAY SOME ONE TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS TO SHUT UP IF YOU ARE INNOCENT. Period. If some one accuses you of such a vile crime, would you pay them to stop making the accusation or fight it to prove your innocence?

Some make the argument that he did just that only to avoid bad publicity, but that argument is flawed based on the amount of doubt that he created by not fighting the charge.

But I guess that he did get a benefit, it created the doubt and desensitized us to his actions so no one was really surprised when he was charged this time.

Was Justice Served? I say no. Did the Justice System Work? Yes. He was charged, the cases for and against were presented and he was found not guilty.

We have to live with that.


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