Vultures Row: Beijing devoted to weakening 'enemy' U.S.

Beijing devoted to weakening 'enemy' U.S.

A defector form China has claimed that his former government views America as an enemy and is devoting its resources at undermining it. The story was file by Bill Gertz in the Washington Times .

China's communist leaders view the United States as their main enemy and are working in Asia and around the world to undermine U.S. alliances, said Chen Yonglin, a former Chinese diplomat.

In recent months there have been many developments that indicate a showdown to a conflict with China but no one seems to care. The situation is very reminiscent of the actions of the United States and Japan in the nineteen thirty’s. As Japan built up and prepared for war against their perceived biggest enemy no one was paying attention. Not even 20 years after fighting “The War to End All Wars” America was unconsciously allowing it’s self to be placed in a precarious situation where war would be thrust upon them with a vengeance.

Of course there are differences between then and now. America has the best military money can buy, but it is being strained by current commitments. The American political landscape has changed since 1941. Partisan politics used to end at the waters edge, but no more. The attacks on one party for its foreign policy have become an international sport for not only politicians but celebrities as well. Given recent history, I ask the following questions:

When China invades Taiwan, will the US Stand up to its legal obligation to protect the Island Democracy?

Will the American people, already tired of conflict from several years in the War on Terror support sending more men over seas to fight a protracted war?

Will the United States have enough resources to react to an invasion?

Will the radical left decry a new war in Pacific (as they would any war), chanting “No War for Cheap Radios!” or some such nonsense?

Would the Left in politics embrace the radical left and attack with the same level of vitriol any administration that would fulfill our legal obligations to protect Taiwan?

How would it affect America’s standing in the suddenly sacred World View if we did rescue Taiwan? What would it do to World Opinion if we failed to do anything?

It is ironic that one is reminded of the old Chinese insult “May you live in interesting times”.


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