Vultures Row: Where The Streets Have No Shame

Where The Streets Have No Shame

A story that got very little attention last week was one concerning U2. The story is one of artistic integrity. It seems some advertising agency wants to pay the band some 12.5 million pounds ($22,785,212.46) to use the song "Where the Streets Have No Name" in a television spot. The band in the end turned down the money because “Where the Streets Have No Name” was a song they did not want associated with a commercial.

Fair enough. It's their song, they have the right to do with it what they wish. I do not think anyone has the right to tell a someone else what they can and can not do with the fruits of their labor. What I do take issue with is that U2 is joining in this "Live 8" concert that is coming up. It is an event sponging off of the noble work of the 80's Live Aid for the express purpose to influence politics. as Bob Geldof stated "The goal this time is to seek not charity, but to seek political Justice for the world's poor". The group wants the G8 nations to put an end to Africa's problems once and for all. It should be the responsibility of the people and THEIR own governments to seek an end to poverty in their own nations. Aid to help in building a future is one thing, but a redistribution of wealth just for the sake of giving them more is wrong.

Giving them aid with no plan on how to use it to build a economy that works will never end the poverty, it will only create dependency and that will never lead to the so called justice for the world's poor that Mr. Geldof and Mr. Paul Hewson (Bono's real name) seek.

If Mr. Hewson and his Group, U2 really wanted to do something they could have donated the $12,500,000 pounds ($22,785,212.46) but Bono had this to say “We almost did. We sat down. I know from my work in Africa what £12.5 million could buy. It was very hard to walk away from £12.5 million ($22,785,212.46)... So we thought, we'll give the money away. But if we tell people we're giving the money away, it sounds pompous”

In the end a band which could have done something noble did nothing and that, Mr. Hewson, is pompous.


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