Vultures Row: The Runaway Bride

The Runaway Bride

Normally I do not comment of filler pieces, but this news story has demanded it. Last week a bride to be went missing. One Miss Jennifer Wilbanks went missing just a few days before her 300 guest and 18 bridesmaids wedding. A massive manhunt, or more correctly woman hunt, was launched. They combed the area and the police poured every resource into the search.

Miss Wilbanks, a week prior to her disappearance had bought a ticket to Las Vegas. Before she boarded the plane she had her hair cut so no one would recognize her. Her poor fiancé was on national TV on Friday stating that something was wrong, because she was too into the wedding, too wrapped up into being a bride that she just could not have had a case of cold feet.

Saturday in Albuquerque, Miss Wilbanks called police from a 7-11 claiming that she was kidnapped by a man and a woman in their 40s who were driving a blue van. Through sobs, she told the dispatcher they had a small handgun. He call seems credible at first, but then the believability sinks to the same level as a bad Brady Bunch episode.

The DA in Georgia has claimed that he is not sure if he will be pressing charges. I think that he should, the public should demand that she be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If he does not, I hope that someone leads a protest and that he looses his job.

Police officers were not available to answer other calls, volunteers were searching for a body, her family was worried sick and she is likely to get off scott free. She defrauded the police, her family and the public in general. If she had cold feet, that is one thing, but to concoct a kidnapping story to cover up her own premeditated actions is just wrong. She has to be held accountable for her actions.


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