Vultures Row: Howard Dean Supports Socialist

Howard Dean Supports Socialist

It is no big surprise that Howard Dean is supporting a socialist, but the question to ask is why. Does Mr. Dean support him for his ideas or what the man represents? Let us look at a quote from Mr. Dean about Bernard Sanders

“A victory for Bernie Sanders is a win for Democrats”... But Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, added that his support is not unconditional. "We've got a few things to work out with Bernie," he said, adding, "Bernie's not a Democrat."

So why would the chairman of the Democratic National Committee support this guy, one who is not a member of his party, one who is a socialist? Logically only two conclusions can be reached.

1. Howard Dean is a socialist and wants to further socialism in the United States

2. Howard Dean will get in to bed, politically with anyone he thinks can defeat a republican candidate.

If the DNC or the Party had any ideas, any convictions and values they would run on them, but they have catered to so many of the angry fringes that they stand for nothing. The only unifying thing that most of the more vocal democrats can find is a white hot hatred of conservatives, Christians and republicans. There is no voice of hope, only hate, there is no call for what the can do; only what harm the right is doing.

Mr. Dean, give us a vision, one that contains something other than a Whitehouse with out a republican in it. If you win, what will you do? What is it liberals stand for? If you are a socialist, tell us, explain to us why you think this would benefit our country. Stand for something, that is all that we ask.

As long as the DNC and the Party only identify with hate and align themselves with people they do not agree with just for political expediency they will continue to loose.


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