Vultures Row: 7 Republicans sell out

7 Republicans sell out

7 Republicans sell out and join 7 Democrats in deciding that the 14 of them are the stewards of judicial nominations. They will determine which nominees get to have an up or down vote. The sell out is only a temporary victory as only three of the nominations, not all of the ones being held up will be allowed a vote.

Democrats for their part, agree not to filibuster unless there are "extraordinary circumstances". When asked today on Good Morning America, Sen. John McCain (RINO- Arizona) what constitutes or defines extraordinary circumstances he replied; "We're not asking all 100 senators to make that determination," he said. "We have 14 of us who are together and I am confident we will act in a way that if the circumstances are extraordinary, everyone will agree to that."

This compromise is not about filibusters, judicial nominations nor the Bush agenda. This deal is all about power, it is about McCain positioning himself for his next presidential run. This deal is also the epitome of arrogance for 14 out of 100 senators to tell the rest that they know better, and that they will decide who will or will not get to have a vote. Each member of the house should be seen as an equal, no one should have a vote worth more than another's.

This is a bad deal all around, it sells out the core values that we elected our representatives on. It gives one small group more power than they should have and it clearly shows that once again, the people we put too much trust in will not stand up for what is right.


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