Vultures Row: Coward Attacks Fonda

Coward Attacks Fonda

While I can understand his rage at Jane Fonda, I can not in any way condone what he did. In fact I abhor it.

This “man” , Vietnam veteran Michael A. Smith, 54 waited in line for an hour and a half to get his book signed, when he got to the table, He started to turn and spit tobacco juice on Fonda, 67 then ran from her. A 54 year old combat veteran ran from a 67 year old has been actress.

Ok, yeah she did do all those aerobics videos in the 80s, I’ll give you that, but does that make her the match for a supposed combat veteran?

The fact that Smith ran shows that he knew what he did was wrong. Through his actions he has nullified a portion of the debate on Ms. Fonda’s 1972 activities. He has hurt his own cause by reacting like a child. Thank you, Mr. Smith for making a civil debate on the issue that much harder.

I do not like Ms. Fonda, I do not like her politics, her acting and her actions. I do not think she is sorry, I have never seen, read or heard of anything that would show that she is truly sorry, just her word on it. However, I do not think that she deserved to be spit upon, after all isn’t that one of the things that we are most incensed about the treatment of Viet Nam veterans?

Mr. Smith, shame on you for your poorly thought out actions. You are no Hero, you are a coward and an embarrassment.

Ms. Fonda, I am sorry you had to endure this.


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