Vultures Row: Al Qaeda Suffers Another Blow

Al Qaeda Suffers Another Blow

The Security Forces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia conducted a raid on suspected Al Qaeda terrorists that resulted in 7 dead. One Terrorist was captured wounded. An undisclosed number of the security forces were treated and released.

The fighting began after police cornered several militants in the town's Jawazat district. Ar-Rass is near Buraydah, a known stronghold of Islamic fundamentalists in the kingdom.

The Saudis have published a list of the country's 26 most wanted militants and all but five of them have been killed or arrested. It was not known whether the militants killed Sunday were on the list.

With the continued war on Terror becoming more of a reality of Al Qaeda, their operations have been severally hampered over the last few years. The terror group operated on an 18-24 month cycle since the early 90s. That schedule has changed since the invasion of Afghanistan. The only major operation has been the train bombings in Spain. As horrific as those were, the casualties were no where near the count of the WTC/Pentagon Attacks of 2001. Smaller attacks in a more disorganized manner have been carried out, and the fact that Al Qaeda is focusing on launching on their attacks in the combat zone that is Iraq is proof that the organization is just a shadow, a dangerous shadow to be sure, of what it once was.

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