Vultures Row: 300 Students Without a School

300 Students Without a School

I can understand the reason why, but not the method in which it’s being done

-- Some 300 students heading into one of the five high schools in the Fremont Union High School district were sent home early and for good Monday.

"We asked them to come to the office, we called their parents and told them they don't go to school here anymore," said Superintendent Steve Rowley.

The school district is enforcing a policy that limits enrollment to only those students who can prove that they live in the district.

I’m by no means a liberal and abhor public schools, but it is not right to just kick the students out like this. They should have at least let them know which school they should be going to. The school district does have a valid point, they can not continue to bear the burden of the cost of educating students who’s parents do not pay taxes in that district.

Then again that kind of sounds like Texas’ Robin Hood School finance scheme. This program is where districts with a larger tax base like Houston have to send a large portion of the school taxes to poorer districts like Lovelady, Texas.

I still think vouchers are the best reform for school financing.


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