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Ouch. Humm the air bags didn't deploy. I'm currently researching ford air bags via goggle and this seems to be an occurrence that has happened quite a few times.

Vulturette is doing as well as can be expected. She is getting another transfusion today and will be moving from the ortho ward to rehab ward today or tomorrow morning for an estimated 14 days. She will be out of work for about three months.

We were heading south bound on I-45 at 3 in the afternoon. It was overcast and had been raining. I was traveling at 60 (in a 65 zone) we crested a hill just as an accident occurred. I was about 3 car lengths behind a lifted F-350 work truck. I slammed the anti lock breaks on and skidded right in to Bubba's truck. The policeman said he thinks the impact was about 40 mph.

Vulturettes knees went into the dash. We did have out seatbelts on (I wont start the car without everyone wearing one) but the bags didn't deploy. Vulturette's left knee is bruised and swollen, he right knee is AFU. But that is another story. It was before; she was supposed to have a replacement on Wed the 23rd. oops.

Her femur shattered at the knee. After the 3 hour surgery the surgeon told us that there were ten major pieces and he didn’t count the smaller ones. She has a metal plate along the bone now that is screwed into it with 6 screws and she has a cluster of 10 holding the fragments together. She was not happy with my idea of going to the airport just to set the metal detectors off.

I would like to thank all who prayers, did a happy dance, lifted a toast or whatever you do. She is in great spirits and is overwhelmed by the showing of support.


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