Vultures Row: Democracy Takes Root

Democracy Takes Root

I have a few crape myrtle trees in my yard. They are pretty trees, the purple blooms are very pretty and add some color to a region that is over run with pine. I like my trees, but they have one annoying trait. They tend to sprout all over the place. You have one tree and keep it watered and make sure there are no bugs it’s is frail, but growing then poof, you have another one popping up.

I’m sure you really don’t care for the dynamics of my back yard, but I instantly thought of this when I read this story:

Lebanese ministers forced to quit
Huge celebrations have erupted in Beirut after the Lebanese government announced its resignation following two weeks of popular protests.

Tens of thousands of people waved Lebanese flags and demanded that Syria remove its troops from the country.

Once you create a healthy environment and show people it can be done they will choose to seek a democratic form of government. It is heartening to see a nation realize that dictators and military occupation is not the way to live. The people of Lebanon are seeking to be free; they want to pick their own government and to participate in their own destiny.

Once the tree of liberty is planted and its roots take hold, it will spread.

One just has to imagine how the angry left will spin this and still deny that the Bush Doctrine is working.


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