Vultures Row: Will there be in ethics investigation?

Will there be in ethics investigation?

Hat tip to The Smoking Gun

TSG is reporting that David Rosen has been indicted on federal charges for filing fraudulent financial reports stemming from an August 2000 event that was billed as a Hollywood Tribute to W.J. Clinton when in fact the funds went to the election campaign of Senator H.R. Clinton.

One is left to wonder if there will be in ethics investigation into the Senators dealings in this matter as precedence has been set for this kind of investigation, an investigation where an elected member of the government is investigated ONLY BECAUSE their associates are being investigated.

I am not saying in either case that the investigation is or is not warranted, only an investigation will yield that result. The point I am making is that we will see once again the double standard as it applied to conservatives and liberals. Wither one, the other or both are guilty is beside the point, if any are they should be held accountable, period. I do predict that there will be no major press coverage of H.R. Clinton’s connection to this incitement as there is with the Indictments of Tom Delay’s associates.

What do you think?

Hillary Campaign Finance Director Indicted
Rosen charged with fudging numbers for 2000 Hollywood fundraiser

JANUARY 7--The finance director for Hillary Clinton's 2000 U.S. Senate campaign was indicted today on federal charges of filing bogus financial reports with the Federal Election Commission. According to the below indictment, David Rosen reported the false numbers in connection with a "Hollywood tribute" honoring Clinton. Investigators allege that a "wealthy individual" paid more than $1.1 million to underwrite the Clinton gala and that those payments were delivered through "several corporate entities controlled by him." While that whopping sum should have been reported to the FEC as an "in-kind contribution," prosecutors charge that Rosen covered up the real source of the money, and even caused the creation of a fictitious $200,000 invoice to aid his scheme. The August 2000 fundraiser was billed as a "Hollywood Tribute to William Jefferson Clinton," though the funds raised went to his wife's campaign kitty. The bash was held as the Brentwood estate of radio mogul Ken Roberts. While the so-called wealthy individual (referred to only as "C-1") is not named, he is clearly Peter Paul, an Internet entrepreneur who helped organize the bash. Clinton is not mentioned by name in the indictment, instead referred to only as "Senator A." The fundraiser was largely orchestrated by Aaron Tonken, a notorious L.A. con man who last August was sentenced to five years in prison following a guilty plea to a pair of fraud counts. The 39-year-old Tonken, who made his living defrauding donors and underwriters of charity events, now resides in the federal lockup in Taft, California, where he is scheduled to remain until April 2009.


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