Vultures Row: The Seeds of Hope

The Seeds of Hope

Houston Pravda via AssPress
(Houston Chronicle via Associated Press)

“EREZ CHECKPOINT, Gaza Strip - Hundreds of armed Palestinian police deployed across the northern Gaza Strip today to prevent rocket fire on Israeli communities, raising hopes the two sides have found a way to end more than four years of bloody conflict and resume peace talks.”

Is this the first visible proof that there is indeed a change of heart in the Palestinian Authority in truly wanting peace? The situation in Israel has been one of high passions and intense hatred. For far too long it has been viewed as being caused by Israel not backing down and being too tough in their oppression of the Palestinians people. The latest cycle of violence has been going on for far too long. Sharon’s Government has said they will pull troops back, abandon most of the settlements and give the PA roughly 98% of what they asked for in negations. Under Arafat (in stable condition after dying in a French hospital) the PA paid lip service to curbing the attacks, but in fact did little to actually stop it from occurring.
Abbas, while not model of love and peace, has been taking steps to relieve some of the contention. His act is a brave one, considering the several generations of Palestinians that have been taught nothing but hate in regards to Israel.

This is a positive step one in which will deescalate the tensions so that real work towards peace can start.



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