Vultures Row: Last Chances

Last Chances

This week end the Junior Senator from Massachusetts went on a national television show and stated

“And this is -- not maybe -- this is the last chance for the president to get it right.”

He went on to talk about how to win this the president must act as if the country is really at war, how the Egyptians and Jordanians could do a better job at training the Iraqi military than the US could do. He prattles on about wasted opportunities and how America has gone it alone, forgetting the 47 other countries that have had people in country.

He also blames Osama Bin Laden for defeating him in the November election. John, you lost, ok? Get over it. You lost because you could not present a clear message to the American people. Yeah you did get 100% of the Anybody but bush vote, but that is not enough of a vision to lead a nation.

President Bush will be remembered by history in a way that you never will even if somehow you can defeat Sen Clinton in the Primaries, which I doubt you will. She has no real identity and has been quietly establishing one as a moderate, a conservative democrat over the last few months. It is a trend I believe will continue over the next four years. She will have a clear and concise message to present to the public. Something you have failed to do in your twenty plus years in public office.

Last Chance, Senator Kerry? Yes it is a last chance, but not for President Bush, who you are still trying to run against, it is your last chance to try and keep your name in the public’s eye before you realize you are an irrelevant minor political figure, an Almost was, not even enough to have been a has been.

Secret message of the day:
21 days until the Daytona 500!



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