Vultures Row: Why I hate Lawyers: Part 4

Why I hate Lawyers: Part 4


Darth Apathy carries this story Seems a fake Sauid Princess got herself a AMEX Black card. She ran it up like she was a government contractor and then was shocked to learn that she had to pay it off. So what does one do when they rack up more debt than they could hope to pay off?

Does one work hard and make payments? NO!

Does one skip the country and leave the debt hanging forever? NO!

Does one get a lawyer and turn around and sue the company that gave you the credit in the first place? YES?

After all, it was their fault for giving her the card in the first place!

I know that she has a lot to do with the filing the case, but some lawyer had to agree to take the case...

And people wonder why I hate Lawyers.


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