Vultures Row: The Tackiest Politico of the Month Award

The Tackiest Politico of the Month Award


Dem uses Pearl Harbor to slam GOP

And the award goes to... Mr. Terry McAuliffe!

Way to go Mr. McAuliffe. Not only have you driven a once great party into the ground through mismanagement and disregard to the rule of civility in politics, you are now the official Vulture’s Row Tackiest Politico of the month for December 2004. As the award winner, if you contact me, I will send you a genuine pink flamingo made of authentic plastic and a sting of old fashion large outdoor Christmas lights that you can leave up all year.

Out of the many candidates for the award, you have been selected because your unyielding loyalty to further embarrassing your party, your profession and your nation. You beat out such contenders as John Kerry, Tommy Thomson, Duncan Hunter and Nancy Pelosi.

Your attempt to politicize the Attack on Pearl Harbor sixty-three years ago is an indication of how dedicated you are to becoming little more than a has been hack that has less credibility than a trial lawyer channeling the spirit of a dead infant right before asking for a multi-million dollar award.

Linking the surprise attack that killed over 2000 service members while they prepared for a day of worship, relaxation and tending to daily duties, to the debate on the intelligence reform bill was a stroke of blinding tackiness. To suggest that the republicans neither care for security nor government reform because they wish to make the immigration laws tougher is just outright grandstanding in your search for the TP of the month award. You asked for it you earned it.

Keep up your outstanding job of lowering the standards of conduct as you are already the front runner for the TP of the Year award!

A hearty well done and virtual pat on the back to you Mr. McAuliffe from all of your friends at Vulture’s Row.

Vulture 6


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