Vultures Row: Saturday Night Live is Dead

Saturday Night Live is Dead

By dead, I mean it passed the point of no return. It can no longer be defined as worth watching.


This weekend I was busy around the house. Vulturette was busy with our Christmas cards while I was setting up a new router and finally getting the office unpacked. She had the TV on and was surfing, she thought she had found Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer but it turned out to be a skit on SNL. The kit was done in the stop action fashion of the old TV classic, however it was mean spirited and just hateful.

The skit revolved around the election and red states and blue states. According to the producers at TV Fun House, the makers of the animated segment, Santa is a flaming Liberal and best friends with Al Franken and Moby. He seemed to be as angered as the rest of the left at the loss of their candidate in the election and as a result he was going to punish the red states by not visiting them, claiming that the religious fever that was sweeping the red states was just wrong and a danger to America.

In what seemed a gracious move, they then had Rush Limbaugh come to save Christmas for the red state kids by donning a Santa suite and breaking into song about protecting the faith of the kids by becoming Santa for them.

Ok, another lame SNL skit, what is unusual here? Well at the end of it Rush then passes out on his bathroom floor with a ton of pills spilled around him, in a puddle of vomit.

How can a show that has had stars such as John Belshui, Chris Farley and Robert Downey Jr. able to bring itself to make fun of anyone’s drug problems?

The entire skit was offensive to Christians, Conservatives, Americans and people with a sense morality. The entire skit was a mean spirited attack, another shining example of how the left has lost any claim to credibility. They have become the intolerant hate filled partisans that they claim the right to be. They are so wrapped up in hate that they can no longer present any sort of reasonable argument or debate. They have to resort to the name calling, to vicious attacks, and false accusations, there the seriousness of the charge is much more important to them than the truth and validity of the charges made.

I refuse to believe that the entire Democratic Party is so wrapped up in their blinding hate that they can not carry on a civil disagreement. This skit was tasteless and vulgar. I was offended on many levels by it not the least of which is that it was not even funny.

I will from no on refuse to watch SNL, not just because of the hate and anger which passes as its comedy these days but because it is no longer funny at all.

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