Vultures Row: Yellow Journalism isn’t just for America Anymore

Yellow Journalism isn’t just for America Anymore


Some one needs to call Dan Rather and let him know that there is a new player in town. Al-Jazeera has shown its agenda by not playing tape of the murder of Margaret Hassan after it has played several videos of Americans being murdered by beheading. The statement says that they are not going to air the video out of respect to the sensitivities of their viewers. I ask is this because it is a woman? Is the difference due to that she is an Iraqi? Is it because she is Muslim? Or is this sudden compassion simply due to the fact that she is not an American and showing her death at the hands of terrorists would be harmful to the Anti-American culture they are propagating?

Aid Worker Hassan Apparently Killed by Captors
Tuesday, November 16, 2004

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Kidnapped aid worker Margaret Hassan (search) was believed to be dead Tuesday after a video received by Al-Jazeera television showed a hooded figure shooting a blindfolded woman in the head.
The British government and Hassan's family in London said they believed the longtime director of CARE (search) in Iraq was the victim. CARE said it was in mourning for the 59-year-old Briton who worked for decades providing food, medicine and humanitarian aid to Iraqis.
The station initially said it would air parts of the video, but Ballout then said it would not.

Hassan was abducted in Baghdad on Oct. 19, the most prominent of more than 170 foreigners kidnapped in Iraq this year. Her captors later issued videos showing her pleading for Britain to withdraw its troops from Iraq and calling for the release of female Iraqi prisoners.

Ballout said the station received the tape a few days ago but had not been sure of its authenticity.

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