Vultures Row: The Presses Crazy Old Aunt in the Attic Weighs In

The Presses Crazy Old Aunt in the Attic Weighs In


Helen Thomas weighs in on the presidential election. In her latest tirade the “objective” reported spews forth hatred filled with venom as she rails against President Bush. Her ranting only lacks the Bush is Hitler mantra of the loony left.

She again repeats the claim that President Bush will reinstitute the Draft, ignoring the facts that the President has stated again and again that he will not call for a draft, and that a draft would have to be done in congress, not the White House.

She derides the school voucher plan that he has suggested. I guess that pro-choice one the left is only limited to murder.

She also touches on my biggest pet peeve, the Litigation Industry by stating “Bush also wants to cater to corporate interests by capping damages in medical malpractice suits at $250,000.” Excuse me? It doesn’t limit the liability and the need to pay for damages, it only limits ECONOMIC DAMAGES, the “punishment” that the plaintiff gets and the slimy trial lawyers take OVER HALF OF!

And her lovely piece concludes with the following three lines.

“If reelected, Bush -- who has injected religion into public affairs more than any president has in modern times -- is expected to continue his messianic mission in the White House. He will blur even more the separation of church and state."
**It’s about time, Helen. For way too many years we as a nation have not held ourselves to any principle other than hedonism. A good role model for our children is not a bad thing.

"For women and minorities who support abortion rights and affirmative action, there is the scary prospect that the candidate who wins Tuesday may be able to appoint three, perhaps even four Supreme Court justices."
**That is the problem for you on the left isn’t it? You fear you will not be able to litigate legislation. Your policies fail to meet the needed votes, so as an end run you have judges create laws. If strict constitutionalists are in place, you can not get your agenda advanced through the back door.

"Bush undoubtedly will see his reelection as a mandate to push the country further to the right. And if he is elected, he will be answerable to no one."
** Dear, Dear Crazy old Aunt Helen... Do you not know of the laws we have? If the President violates our laws he will be held accountable. Your fellow ‘journalists” will make sure of that, they would never let a sitting President a way with something like lying under oath…oh wait…

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