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Say Anything


And you thought that “Say Anything” was a John Cusack movie.

I have long maintained that the JOhn KErry/John Edwards team will say anything to get elected. As we draw near the date of the election I find it interesting that he has called the Claimed he met personally, with the member nations of the UN Security counsel when he has not, That he has led the fight against President Bush in congress when he has not. That he spent Christmas in Cambodia when he has not, that he has foreign leaders who support him but will not divulge who they are.

It is not limited to Kerry himself. Edwards has claimed the lame will walk again, and that Bush is being driven European allies away.

Edwards wife has doubted Lynn Cheney’s love for her daughter and then blamed the GOP for her own comments. This was before she indicated that there will be rioting if there is a win by the Bush/Cheney Team.

Not to be out done, there is Mrs. Heinz-Kerryand her Laura Bush has no real job comment, then her awkward attempt at an apology where she says that being an heiress is hard work too. She claimed that President Bush is holding Osama Bin Laden on ice for an election surprise. She blasts Wal-Mart as being evil as she enjoys her stock in the company, and who can for get the raisins and gin tip.

This team wants your votes, and will do or say anything to get them. We should ask ourselves are we willing to put our lives and safety into the hands of people who will do anything to get into the office except to have a clear and concise plan for the future. Is it scary to anyone that getting to the office is so important that you will make yourself look like a tailor made parody for SNL or Mad TV to get into it? In my opinion, Kerry wants to be president, not the leader of America. I implore you vote against them, before you vote for them

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