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I have had several influences in my life and I’d like to list a few of them and thank them for what they have contributed to my character. This list is by no means inclusive and if I have not mentioned any one that I should have it’s because I simply over looked it.

My Father, CPO Vulture. He was also in the navy and he taught me that a person can do anything if they put there mind to it. He has retired from 3 great jobs. Not bad for a kid from Colorado with no future ahead of him but ranching or mining. Dad, thank you (and no, I don’t want your beer)

Greg “Pappy” Boyington, USMC – Pappy (the real man, no the TV character) taught me that you don’t always have to be perfect to be a hero Major Boyington, thank you.

G. Gordan Liddy – I never cared about politics other than voting before I started listening to his show on WJFK in DC before it was syndicated. Mr. Liddy, thank you.

Rush Limbaugh – I started tuning in in 92, and it’s been a ride. I have some issues with rush, but for the most part we hold the same views, his are just so much more intense and vibrant that mine. I also like rush cause no one gets under liberals skin as much as he does. Mr. Limbaugh, thank you

Dark Apathy – Vic has taught me that sometimes other people’s opinions about you do not matter. He has also taught me that friends stick together through thick and thin. Vic, thank you.

John Walsh – Yes from America’s Most Wanted. – From Mr. Walsh I learned that something good can come from tragedy and pain as well as one man with a passion can make a difference in the world. Mr. Walsh, thank you.

Brian B. – From Brian I have learned a great many things, from trivia to history to sports and other things including that there is one perfect person out there and you have to keep looking, that his wife is a fireball, that good friends WILL travel across the country for your wedding and that no matter how many times you move, he will always be there for you (and help you move). Brian, thank you.

Jim (Vulture Brother) – From Jim I learned people really can change. I learned how to smoke a brisket just right. I now know how much Bud Light you can put in a fridge. He has also taught me that you can take a risk on your self and be pretty successful. By the way, if any one needs telephone systems (sales, installation) or voice or data cabeling contact Tex-Tel Voice & Data (Spring/Houston, Texas) 281.415.8526. Jim, thank you.

Glenn Beck – Radio Show Host. From Glenn I have learned quite a bit. He has taught me that you can be a conservative AND be funny. He has taught me that I should constantly examine myself and my faith. He has taught me that consistence in ones views is essential to credibility. Mr. Beck, thank you.

Dwayne Bergman, USN – From Dwayne I learned that I can be an asshole. I hope I find you one day so I can apologize. Dwayne, I’m sorry and thank you.

John B., USN – John taught me that you have to be careful who you pick as friends. John, thank you.

James Taranto, Wall Street Journal, Best of the Web – From him I have learned the meaning of the word kerfuffle. Mr. Taranto, thank you.

Tanya (Vulturette) My lovely bride. Tanya has taught me that there is true love in the word, that knowing that one person believing in you can help you overcome almost anything. She has taught me to not be happy with the way things are, to constantly seek to improve myself. Without her love and encouragement I would never have gone to college and I never would have dared to dream to accomplish the things I have in my life. Tanya, I love you and thank you.

Who are some of the people in your life who have influenced you and helpd to shape who you are?


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