Vultures Row: Early Voting

Early Voting


Vulturette and I went to vote today. With our work schedules we were not sure that we could make it on Tuesday. We drove half way across the county to the Barbara Bush Library to exercise our civic duty. He rain had been alternating between falling in sheets and a drizzle. The sky was grey and overcast, the humidity was up, in other words it was a typical Houston fall afternoon. We pulled in to the parking lot and our jaws dropped. It was 4:30 PM and there was a line. Well not to be dissuaded by the line I suggested that we look for a handicapped spot and she limp all the more on her crutches. We pulled around and found out that all the spots were full, even the HC spots. Vulturette was not happy about crossing a wet parking lot to stand in the rain. We turn around the back of the building and were in shock to see that the line extended around that. I counted over eighty people standing in the rain waiting to vote.

In one respect it made me mad, after all it was Sunday Afternoon and I wanted to vote. On the other hand I am proud of my fellow Texans. Young and old, black, hispanic, white, and asian were in the rain waiting patiently. They were chatting and talking, laughing telling stories with no signs of hate, arguing or disenfranchisement. To the nay Sayers proclaiming this is a fiasco, I say phooey. American’s are full of love and compassion and we take care of our own. And by the way, Vulturette and I decided we will take the day off on Tuesday November 2, 2004 to exercise our civic duty when more polling places are open.

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