Vultures Row: The Body Count is now at 16,503

The Body Count is now at 16,503


The Body Count is now at a staggering 16,503 . How many must die before we cut our losses and pull out? Must American’s continue to die to avoid a political embarrassment? How many movies by Michael Moore will it take before America wakes up and looks long and hard at this unacceptable situation? When will Joe average understand that it is his voice that must be heard by our corrupt leaders?

Sixteen Thousand, Five Hundred and Three are DEAD, doesn’t this mean anything to you? That is more people than will fit into the Lakewood Church /Compaq Center in Houston, Texas (by 503 people). 16,503 people is 39% of the crowd that watched the St. Louis Cardinals defeat the Houston Astros. This number of deaths is equal to 34% of all Viet Nam battle deaths, and this is just in one year!

We have to ask ourselves do we really want to continue to stay in a place where AMERICANS are dying at this horrible rate? What about our sons and daughters? Should they continue to die for the principles of freedom, democracy and self rule for people who don’t seem to care? I think the answer is no, and because of that answer I think we should pull out of AMERICA now!


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