Vultures Row: Astros loose the pennant but are still winners

Astros loose the pennant but are still winners


It was a rough season, the highly touted Pettit went out early with an injury and there was the mid summer slump. It looked like another ho-hum season, but then something happened.

The Astros started winning at home. The bats got hot and they won their games by getting a lot of home runs. The fans went nuts. The more that showed up the better they played. All in all the attendance for the regular season games topped three million. I got to go one of those games with my brother and dad. We had a blast. I also got to see game three of the play off games.

I want to thank every one in the club from players to the staff, for giving us a great season and for re-sparking my love for the game.

They didn’t get into the World Series, but there is always next year!

Vulture 6


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