Vultures Row: Astors win Game 5 NLCS

Astors win Game 5 NLCS


Bakke pitched an impressive 8 innings even though he was showing ware. "Lights Out" Lidge came up to put three of the Cardinals strongest hitters down in order. Beltran came up to bat at the bottom of the ninth after making a game saving sliding catch in the 8th. He got on base with a drive to right field. Biggio was next and struck out. Lance Berkman, the quiet homerun hitter of the series got on with an intentional walk after Beltran stole second. Kent came up, he took a strike and then two balls. On the forth pitch he hit it into the wall over the Crawford boxes sealing Houston’s 3-0 win.

Way to go Astros, your making Space City Proud all over again. Speaking for all 3,000,000 plus fans that supported you this year, thanks for a great season!


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